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We at Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal would like to help you look after the worlds precious trees. With a little love and care your garden can be improved both visually and safely, by keeping an eye out for dying branches that may cause harm or damage. We hope the information athat appears below helps you or at the very least provides an interesting read.

PLANTING TREES, START AT THE BEGINNING – 24 April, 2020 – A quick article on why it is important to plant trees in the correct location. Especially pertinent for those that are building or moving to a new property or landscaping their old one. Also, our first random tree fact!

LANDSCAPE ALL YEAR ROUND – 9 May, 2020 – A quick article on why you should look after our green living comrades all year round to make them greener and healthier. Also, do you know what the heaviest wood and timber is?

Photosynthesis and tree growth – 12 June 2020 – A quick article to help understand the trees structure in relations to it’s growth and ability to convert energy form the sun into mass.