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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose us?

Do you mean other than the fact that we are totally awesome and wonderful in every way?  No?  But seriously, although we do like to have a joke, when it comes to our work and getting the job done we are serous in every way.  We take our tree felling and lopping very serious and understand that you, the customer, want a good job done in a quick time for a competitive price, and that’s what we aim for.

We also take the health and safety of our work sites serious, especially as they are often in your back yard!  We follow all work p[lace health and safety procedures and do our best to never compromise safety for the ease of a job.

We use highly trained staff with a good knowledge and expertise associated with the tree removal service, and combine that with quality tools and equipment allowing us to get the job done in as a short time as possible so we don’t interrupt your day too much.

Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal are a local business and all we want to do is provide a good quality tree service to our community in Ipswich and West Brisbane.  Plus, we are totally awesome and wonderful!

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