Further Info

Here below you can find our range of services we provide plus any additional information regarding our business you may be looking for. IF there is something else you want to know, please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out.

Tree Lopping -Our basic service, the removal of trees by either felling them in one go or lopping them up little by little.

Palm Trees – Pretty much as above but for palm trees as many people classify them in their own category.

Branches – Getting rid of those untidy or in the way overhanging branches,

Tree Maintenance – You would be surprised what a good regular tree maintenance program can do for your home.

Stump Removal – getting rid of those pesky stumps that have been left over.

Storm Waste Removal – Sometimes you need a chainsaw and a mulcher to get rid of everything that’s been blown down.

Domestic Land Clearing – Making way for your home or increasing your back yard space.

Commercial and Domestic – Making way for those developments or getting rid of that vegetation.

Mulching – Nom, nom, nom. Chewing up all that wood with a big machine.

Pruning – Cutting back and the finer side of tree and plant maintanence.

Who Are We? – Who are we? AS us, but there is more information inside.

Pricing – We don’t have definite prices as each job can vary too much.

Service Areas – Where do we service?

Why Choose Us?

Because we have all the qualities you need in a professional tree business, or any company or business providing a service really.  We have a passion for what we do and for providing our service in the highest quality manner and we aim to be the biggest and besterest (yes we said besterest) company in our region.  We want to provide a tree removal service that get’s there on time, that does our work efficiently and is out of your way in no time while leaving you with the best results possible.  We want to make your yard look great and we want to clear that space so you can enjoy your outside lifestyle.  We want to trim those overhanging branches so your house is safe or clean up the mess after that large summer storm.

We have professional staff, trained and experience who can do their jobs with their eyes closed (well, not literally but it’s just an expression).  We have professional tools and equipment which we maintain and keep in good working order. 

We follow all health and safety requirements so that both our staff and our family are safe.  This is paramount to us and we try our best always to protect yourselves and your property.

If you don’t believe us then don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Ask us anything, literally anything and if we can answer it we will. Even if it’s not tree related, maybe your phone is broken and google isn’t working and you just want to know how to order a pizza, we will tell you how.  Why?  Because we believe in this business and our role in helping the community, that’s why!