General Tree and Vegetation Maintenance

General tree maintenance may be more than cutting down and cutting back and require a finer touch.  Sometimes gardens require a special ongoing care and attention.  At Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal we offer a range of services outside of large tree removal such as smaller jobs that require special care and attention.  

We can also prune and trim existing trees and have the equipment to get to those hard to reach places such as those overhanging branches that drop leaves into gutters.

Many places, especially houses and other residents, benefit greatly from maintaining vegetation in and around their home on a regular basis.  These especially beneficial in late Autumn just before the seasons are about to warm again, and tree growth will be at its maximum rate.  This pre-emptive strike can prevent branches from overhanging places that you don’t want (ie roof and gutters) before it’s too late. 

Another advantage, and important at the same time of year, is to have heavy branches, or those that my break easily, removed before storm season.  Our expert team can help you in regards to choosing the management required for yard and your safety.

Maintaining various trees and shrubbery can also improve the aesthetic look of your yard.  Sometimes you may want an initial visual improvement be clearing those messy branches or shaping a canopy line.  Other times you may want to trim those trees or other vegetation that you know will provide a better spread of branches and or shrubbery after the right pruning.

If you are an avid gardener or really like your home out door space then another advantage of having a consistent tree maintenance program is the health and liveability of your trees.  Similar to pruning for shrubs and other smaller plants, cutting back dead and diseased branched and off shoots actually help the tree grow and be healthier.  Dependant on the species, you may see a brighter, green plant in the spring and summer and less foliage loss in the winter.  If it’s a tree that lowers you may even get a larger yield in it’s blossoming season.

This can be especially important if you have just landscaped your property, or recently bought new land and are trying to grow trees as quickly as possible (either for screening purposes or just to contribute to the gardens in general).

Regular cut backs can be also used to shape trees in regards to their future growth.  This can be helpful to provide screening of certain areas or to shape and grow trees away from houses and other important structures.  They can also be shaped to prevent them from becoming safety hazards in the future, for instance, growing them away from power lines so that a last minute cut or tree removal isn’t all of a sudden required.

Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal can provide either a once off or ongoing service to property owners or businesses.  While we spend a lot of time removing them we spend just as much time maintain them or helping our customers improve their gardens and yards by improving them with regular cutting of branches and other maintenance issues.