Landscape Year-round

Just because we remove trees, doesn’t mean we love them and want you to have them in your homes and gardens.

Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal wants you to enjoy the most of your vegatative friends so please find the list of tips below.

Consider landscaping and tree care all year round. Many people wait until summer or spring when the vegetation is growing to service their yard, leaving it too little too late. Consider simple gardening and landscaping jobs all year round to avoid the haste of larger jobs during the warmer periods. Proper care and attention during the cooler months can mean a better looking, and easier to manage yard all year round.

This doesn’t need to be an intense maintenance program for your trees, plants and flowers, but just the occasional little bit of extra care and attention.  Even once morning every month during winter to clear around trees and remove dead wood is more the sufficient.  During summer, pruning and cutting back once or twice more than normal can also have a greater effect plus improve the visual amenity of your yard and gardens,

Regular maintenance can allow the plants to concentrate on growing the healthier portions and not having to fight the weight of the diseased and dying limbs and branches.  You will also find that regular cutting back makes the job quick and easier, done over a few hours in the morning rather than hacing to spend a whole day only to have the yard field with excessive green waste.

Random Tree Facts

The Heaviest Wood

Lignum Vitae Holywood weighs in as the heaviest wood out there and has a density wight of 1.31.  IT’s density means that it takes a long time to grow in comparison to other trees and doesn’t grow as high as some of it’s brothers, normally only to a maximum of seven metres.  It can normally be found in areas around Central America and up the California coast.

It’s hard composition makes it resistant to many of the things that normally ail woods such as boring insects and decay from things like bacteria and fungi.  While it is used in the building industry where particularly hard wood is required the secretions from the tree also can be used  for medical purposes.

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