Palm Tree Removal and Maintenance

Palm trees are a category on their own.  Many people like the look of them but hate the issues they bring with them.  They drop palm fronds, they drop nuts and they can attract bats. 

At Ipswich Tree Loppers and Stump Removal we can remove those pesky palms or trim and remove fronds and nut groups.

Face it, Palms are generally in the either love them or hate them category.  Some love their neat appearance, and beach holiday feels, whereas others dread the constant falling leaves and nuts they often drop.  If you’re in the latter category then you may want to consider getting rid of those pest palms that make your hard so hard to clean.

Palms are a special breed and can often take a different method of felling if there is not room to drop them.  Not that it bothers Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal as we can handle anything!

Before we look at felling the tree we need to determine if it can be done as a whole tree or needs to be divided up into a number of different parts for safety and security reasons.  Often it is not possible to drop a whole palm tree due their very height and the location that most people like to plant them.  If it can be completely removed in one swoop, then like all trees, all we ask is that the yard or generally area is free from objects and materials that might get in the way.  This is also for your own safety and the safety of those objects which might be broken if a large heavy palm falls upon it.

If it can’t be dropped in one go, only a professional should be utilised to lop the palm into smaller pieces.  This is due to the palm having no branches on its lower trunk areas making it harder to climb.  Only professionals with professional tools, equipment and experience should be used to lop palms.

Things to consider when having palms removed.

The first thing to consider is whether it can be lopped or felled in one go.  Palms and trees in general are often deceptively higher than they seem and the general arc they may take from the top of the tree to the ground is generally longer than most people expect.  This means that often a house or structure may be in the trees path even when it seems too far away to actually be so.

If the tree does require lopping, we may ask you to move certain items that may be impacted by the number tree portions dropped to the ground.

Like any tree, palm stumps can be removed or ground down when the job is completed.  If you think that the left-over stump is going to be a tripping hazard or even an eyesore, we can remove this as well.  It is obviously much easier to have it removed on the same day than to have someone come back and do it at a later day.  Left by themselves, palm stumps do rot faster than most trees, especially those that are harder woods, but it still often takes years and anywhere up to a decade.