Removal and Trimming of Branches

Don’t get us wrong, we like trees, but they are a never ending battle in terms of their growth.  Long branches can quickly become a nuisance, or worse a hazard, around the house.  Further, if you have a rainwater tank, it brings an increase in leaves and bird droppings to your water supply. 

At Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal, we have a range of tools that allow us to quickly remove those pesky branches so we are out of your way in no time, and leaving you space to live and breathe more comfortably around your own home. 

We service a number of properties and many residents use on a regular service for general maintenance and clean ups.  This can be anywhere from a monthly service to once a year.

The benefit of employing the likes of a professional tree service is that a potentially risky and time consuming task can be done quickly and efficiently, and did we mention cost-effective?

Removing branches can also be a visual thin.  You would be surprised how getting rid of all those ugly dead and dying branches can breathe new life back into the gardens, and even improve the health of some trees.

We also recommend using a professional service at least once a year, preferably at the end of Autumn (before the warmer seasons when tree growth is at its full potential)  to cut back overhanging and unruly branches in your yard, allowing your yard to be at its best before it turns ugly.

How does removing branches and pruning help trees?

You often hear that cutting back trees and plants make them stronger and grow faster, but not many people know why.  It’s okay, we are not going to go into the science of it all, I mean that’s what google is for right? 

First we have to say that it only helps if done correctly.  Now, while there may be some general advice that can be given, how this is normally done is completely dependant on the species so it’s not always practical to provide outright advice.  Again, googling the species name and pruning techniques is your best bet before taking action.

However, in regards to the above questions – how does it help your garden and plants, the biggest benefit to them is done y removing dead, dying and diseased limbs.  This removes dead weight from the tree and allows it to focus it’s growing on it’s living and more healthier portion, meaning re-growth can occur more naturally and faster.