Storm Waste Removal

Living in Queensland we all know the effect a real harsh storm can cause.  Branches are strewn everywhere and sometimes even whole trees.  We have seen trees and branches scattered over people’s yards, large trees come down and fallen through houses and power lines and other structures.  Worse, during a bad storm, it can be hard to contact someone as everyone else is experiencing the same issues.  The SES are run off their feet and so is the local Council, who won’t do work on people’s property anyway.

 Our crew can offer a quick and affordable clean up service, removing the waste vegetation easily and at affordable price.

We have a range of equipment that allows us to chainsaw and remove larger fallen trees and mulch if necessary.  We can even cut logs that you can keep and use on your site if necessary.  And at Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal, we are not over doing the little stuff.  We can remove all those smaller branches as well, and either mulch or take them away.

On larger properties, It can take days, and even weeks to move ruined vegetation from your property.  We have attended people’s homes where they have had large trees sitting there for years, too heavy to move themselves, before employing us, and we have cleaned their yards up in under an hour.

When you hire us to do a job you know that you are getting a professional service with experienced staff. 

Don’t put up with a messy yard after a storm, give a call!