Stump Removal

Once you do get that annoying tree removed, you are still left with that stump which gets in the way of mowing and other general maintenance.  They can also be a bit of an eyesore and still be in the way if you are planning to build.

Once old and eroded, they can also harbour insects, especially termites, which no one wants close to their house hold.

 Stump removal is an important part of everyday tree services and we will do our best to help get your lawn as pristine and smooth as possible.

The normal and easiest way to remove a stump is to have it ground down.  There are special machinery and tools for this very purpose to make the job quick and easy (although sometimes rather loud).  The result is usually a pile of woodchips on your lawn which can be removed if necessary but normally makes good garden waste.

A stump can be grinded below the surface of the surrounding ground however there is likely to be roots and other parts of the tree deep within the earth, however once complete, the shallow hole can be filled with soil and new planting or re-grassing can occur

AS part of your role in have a stumped removed, it is better that you plan to have the surrounding area cleared both for room for the machine but also anything that you don’t want covered with flying wood chips.

Other methods may include:

– Chemical treatments – which increase the rate a stump may rot but still can take a long time.

– Burning – which can be more hazardous than it sounds if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Stumps are notoriously difficult to light unless a chemical applicant is used

– Physical removal – Which dependant on the size of the tree take a lot of back breaking effort and may also take a significant amount of time.

– Time – Yes, you can wait until it rots by itself, which, if it’s hard wood, may see you rotting first.

If you have a stump requiring removal Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal can do the job for you.  Don’t believe us?  Give us a call and find out.

Pre-existing Stumps

Sometimes you may have a stump left over from a previous job.  Does this sound like you?

  • You have a stump to close to a structure that couldn’t be removed such as near a house or other building, or even a fence.
  • A previous contractor could not finish the job due to not knowing what lay in the ground around the stump (water, electricity or gas lines)
  • A previous contractor didn’t finish appropriately – this happens sometimes either due to time or the lack of vision from the amount of saw dust produced.
  • You didn’t want the full stump removed, just the tree at the time and have now reconsidered.

While we can provide a full removal for you, the decision to completely remove an old stump is entirely up to you.  Do you plan to build in that area?  Is it in the way?  Did you kick you toe on it?  Is it infested?  Is it simply an eyesore?