Test page 1

TREE TEST 1 – found as blanked out link at bottom fun tree facts

This is a test page only for Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal.  The test is only for testing not for tree removal or tree lopping but is to ensure that the test is tested appropriately to make the website work. 

Why provide a testing phase you may ask, well I guess that is a good point, it’s because the person writing this (at this very point in time) is unfamiliar with the website design process and we need to make sure that Mr Testy McTesticon is actually testing appropriately for all you out there that may read this and decide that hey, look the world is a challenging place and we may be in a social and economic decline, and let’s not even go into the climate change field (especially as we are actually talking about chopping trees down but hey I digress), but sometimes, somebody, somewhere, in some way actually might require a tree to be cut down.  Now if so, wouldn’t you agree that you want a business, such as Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal, rather than say, a mechanic or you know circus clowns, that you would want a business, a VALID business to come and do that work.  Well yes of course then we are in agreeance and you believe that you would want a tree lopper and not some low down, two-bit circus clown with only his make up half painted, not even a fake nose and normal size feet.  Anyway, that is why we have this website, so the world can know, so you can know, so the aliens can know that this is a valid website for people to employee a business that can provide a tree lopping or tree removal or stop removal or any other type of activity in that similar vein without having to scour the yellow pages or the internet for one.

Because we are here.

On the internet for all to behold.  Assuming this works of course, because as i said this is a test page to make sure we know the heck what we are doing.  I mean, we’re tree loppers right, so we wield chainsaws and other heavy equipment in a non-zombie like defined fashion.  Yes, I mean sure, if there is a zombie outbreak we would be better equipped than most but hey, who’s to say that we won’t BE the zombies.  Zombies with chainsaws, there’s a movie idea for you, totally turn the tables.  Anyway, have you even tried to operate a compute or type with a chainsaw, it’s actually not what we would describe as hard, no, more like impossible,  Pretty much if you’re lucky to get the thing started it’s likely you will end with a mess of metal and plastic shreds by the time you have typed your first word.  Which should always be tree.  Well I figure that if type tree often enough it makes up for all the ones we have cut down.

See, climate change sorted.  Smell that fresh air.  Can you smell it?  Can you?  Can… that iis NOT fresh air.  But seriously, if you need a tree removed than give us a call.  We don’t exactly deforest whole forests but you know, if you need one or two nuisance trees cut down than that’s not exactly going to tip the earth on its axis, causing the Great Fall and sending us into a post-apocalyptic world where zombies HAVE the chainsaws.  Seriously guys, that’s a great movie idea, if anyone in Hollywood reads this I’m actually a writer (novels) but have a ton of ideas which would best be suited for movies or the occasional Netflix show.

Ipswich Tree Lopper and Stump Removal
2 Atkinson Drive
Karana Downs QLD 4306
07 3186 8777